hors d’oeuvres

Ordering Options

Served with Meals

3 Hot / 3 Cold Items — 6.49

2 Hot – 2 Cold Items — 5.49

1 Hot – 1 Cold Items — 4.49

4 Hot Items — 5.99

4 Cold Items — 5.49

2 Hot Items — 4.99

2 Cold Items — 4.49

Hors D'œuvres Only

3 Hot – 3 Cold (minimum) — 9.99

.99 for any additional items + 0.69 Tax
+ Gratuity — 1.75
Total — 12.43

Note: Prices subject to change without notice.

Served Cold

Rolled Meat Platter
Fresh Vegetables and Dip
Cracker and Cheese Plate
Plain or Marinated Herring
Assorted Fruits Platter
Cheese Stuffed Tortilla Bites
Crab Spread and Wafers
Pineapple Turkey Kabobs
Rodeo Roundups (Rolled Ham with cream cheese filling)
Caesar Chicken Bites
Prime Beef Rolls (filled with cream cheese, bacon and horseradish)
Smoked Salmon

Served Hot

Sweet Sour Pork
Greek Meatballs
Hubbell Onion Rings
Batter fried Mushrooms
Miniature Beef Shish Kabob
Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Petite Smokey Sausage
Swedish Meatballs
Battered Walleye Pieces
Batter Fried Beef Cubes
Wisconsin Cheese Curds
Mesquite Chicken Drummies
Batter fried Chicken Strips
Seafood Melt Toasts
Buffalo Wings
Alaskan Salmon Dijon
Grilled Raspberry Chicken
Beef Bernaise Cubes
Pit Ham Balls with Sauce
Deep Fried Egg Rolls